About us

In 2015, six of us decided to do our first challenge. The Sahara desert bike ride 600km in 5 days. It was the most wierdest thing we had ever done, the fact that we had dogs chasing us and we stayed in 0 star hotels with spiders, freezing conditions and no hot water. Are we going to make it back alive? Each day was a challenge, what are we doing this for? Do we need to really put our life's through this? In the end we all decided we can not go back to our wives and kids, friends and family as failiures. So we kept strong.

The moment we crossed the finish line was the most amazing achievement ever. We cried with happiness, it now felt like we can take over the world. The realisation of it, put your mind to it and you can achieve anything, actually felt real.

After our life changing experience we wanted to share this with a wider audience and make them feel the same way we do. We feel these challenges are ever more important to the people who are going through tough times in their lives as this is a GAME CHANGER for them and the impact it brings to their families.

And so MAD Today was born...

Commitee members

Prakash Halaria (Kera)
Sailesh Halaria (Kera)
Haku Hirani (Kodki)
Kirit Varsani (Samatra)
Chetan Hirani (Madhapar)


Vick Halaria (Kera)
Tony Kenton