Mandir to Mandir Bike Ride: My Experience
By Hansa Bhudiya

5 days to the challenge, and the feeling of anxiety, fear and excitement kick in. All at once! Actually, bricking it is a more apt metaphor. A question I ask myself, repeatedly, what have I got myself into? whist packing, as though I was going to be away for a very long time! Hey, when you have the luggage allowance, why not!

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Ride Sahara 2016

18th Feb 2016 -We all arrived at Stanstead airport full of excitement but mixed with it a slight element of trepidation. The Ryan Air staff looking at us quite perplexed. One member of staff quizzed us and then proclaimed he had never seen 5 “brown types” embark on such a crazy adventure. We arrived in Morocco mid-morning to be collected by Alan (our lead cyclist, mechanic and medic all rolled into one).

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